At Bikepacking Trails we’re not about trying to change the world. Its not about trying to re-invent the bicycle or how you cycle it. Its about sharing information, inspiring people and getting out there. We want to share your stories and trails. We want to hear what you have done, are doing, and what you what to do. Encourage folk to create their own trails and have their own adventures and share their trails for the benefit of all.

At Bikepacking Trails we respect the environment and encourage others to do so too.  We encourage a Leave No Trace Policy and expect that all submitted route are made with an environmentally sound conscious.

We recognise there are a lot of websites on the web publishing bikepacking routes. What makes us different is we want to publish routes along with an insight into their riders and their experience. We want to include variations and if you are not to be published with us, to give a sound explanation why not and advice on how to bring your story forward.

We don’t want to own your material, we just want to share it. Material and trails accepted to share on Bikepacking Trails may also be used on our social media platforms. We will not use your material on any other form without prior consent.