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Welcome to the Bikepacking & Bikerafting trails database. Here you find routes, trails and bikepacking kit lists. Bikepacking is a great way to get out and explore your surroundings and travel the world. Bikepacking Trails is a platform for bikepackers to share their trails and knowledge.

How it work’s ?


Do Your Adventure


Plan your adventure, ride your adventure and create memories. When out biking remember to remember. Take notes, take photographs and enjoy. If you thought your trip was cool others will too.


Submit Your Adventure


When you arrive home and washed your bike, gather you thoughts and send us your information. We want descriptions, details and photographs. Submit the introduction form to us and we will get back to you for more.


WE Share THE Adventure

Your route was cool so we want to tell everyone. How you got there, what you saw, how cool the ridding was and the adventure you had. Your images will be shared and your story told.

“We at Bikepacking Trails would like to thank you, the true explorers and modern day adventurers for helping this site grow. Without you, this site would not be possible.”
— Bikepacking Trail Team