Submit your Bikepacking Adventure

Have you created and ridden an epic trail? Do you want to show our community what you’ve been doing? Well then share your route with us.

What we are asking for when you are going to submit.

  • A brief description telling us about your trail.

  • The GPX file of the actually ridden route.

  • 20 to 30 high resolution images.

Once you send us this information we will contact you for more. Bikepacking Trails is more than just the hard data. We want the personal side too. When we come back to you after you submit the first form we will be asking more questions.

  • Your thoughts of the route

  • What to look out

  • How you got there

  • Food, water and accommodation

    If you want there will be options to share your gear list and more background information about you. And of course, we will credit you for all your information and forward our readers on to your social media accounts so they can see more of your adventures.


Help us grow by submitting your bikepacking adventure.

All photos and content copyright still belong to you, all we do is share to a wider audience.